Canyon View Athletics

Team sports can be the single most motivating factor for students. Last year,Canyon View Prep expanded and upgraded its sports program! We are part of the state wide Canyon Athletic Association (CAA) League. Click on our link for CAA to checkout team practice schedules, game schedules, and stats for players.

Along with the sports we will offer through CAA, we will continue to see our Mountain Biking Team compete and expand, as well as our Fencing Team begin to compete. Come join us and learn teamwork, respect, persistence, and the value of hard work.

Teams are competitive and tryouts will be held prior to the start of each season. We work hard to keep the Pay to Participate fees low in order to ensure students are able to participate. Fees are used to cover coaches, referees, uniforms, transportation, and league fees. Additional donations to our sports programs are always welcome.


Volleyball Coach: Phil Luukkonen 

Practice begins August 5th (first day of school)


2019 Game Schedule will be released soon………..


Head Coach: Emmanuel Heredia 

Assistant Coaches: Ray Aguilar, Mickie Mraz, Jaimie King

Facebook Page: 


Practice Starts in July:

Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday’s – 4:00pm-6:00pm


2019 Race Schedule will be released soon……….


Head Coach: David Moran

Assistant Coaches: Steve Moran

Practice begins August 5th (first day of school)






Head Coach: Phil Luukkonen 


Head Coach: Steve Lynch