Our School

College Prep

Canyon View Preparatory Academy is committed to providing an education that prepares students for any post secondary activities they may have; including university level academics.

All students will be challenged to meet a highly rigorous college prep curriculum with support and individual help. They will become life-long learners, responsible citizens, and useful members of their communities.

Education at Canyon View emphasizes college prep application skills that go beyond textbook information to include problem solving strategies.

Within each content area the school will comply with the No Child Left Behind requirements. In addition, Canyon View Prep adopted the Common Core Standards during our 2012/2013 school year in an effort to ensure that all of our students are prepared for their future.

Canyon View School believes:

  • All students should have a safe, productive, and comfortable learning environment.
  • Each student is a valued individual with unique social,
    emotional, and intellectual needs.
  • Students learn best when they are active participants in learning activities that are geared towards differences in learning styles.
  • By helping students to develop citizenship and leadership skills, the students will be better prepared to become
    productive, successful individuals.
  • The education process should be participatory between
    families, schools, and students; accountability for student achievement lies with how these participants delegate
    responsibility. Sharing this responsibility helps to provide a strong student support system.

Core Values


CVP is committed to being an organization that operates with integrity, comprised of staff who are committed to acting with integrity, and teaching students to act with integrity while in school and beyond.


CVP believes that individuals are instinctively creative. We are committed to igniting the creativity in each of our students so they – and we – will approach life with ingenuity, looking for new and more effective ways to contribute to our communities. Students learn to apply ingenuity both inside of and outside of the classroom, in service, sports, the arts, the sciences and other activities.


A mind is a terrible thing to waste! CVP is committed to making sure that all of our students are growing intellectually. This is demonstrated through academic challenge and meta cognitive development, resulting in student growth, achievement and ultimately success in life.


CVP is committed to being an intentional organization, not one that is random in its programming, but focused, deliberate and reasoned. CVP staff members are intentional in their actions as well, focused on student achievement in the context of care and concern, and passionate about creating students who understand the importance of becoming intentional adults.


CVP recognizes that knowledge in and of itself is not enough to achieve success. Our organization is committed to the application of knowledge in ways that will create excellence. Our staff is committed to training students to be insightful, gaining an understanding of themselves, others, and the knowledge they acquire so that they, too, can be good stewards of that knowledge.

Vision Statement

Learners today. Leaders tomorrow. Creating a culture of possibility for learners today, so they will be principled leaders tomorrow.

Our Staff

Anderson, Sean


Bowers, Betsy


Goodman, Linda

Program Coordinator

Moran, David

Athletic Director, PE

Ham, Cheryl

Special Ed ParaPro

Poole, Michelle

Special Ed Coordinator

Desjadon, Dave


Luukkonen, Phil


Faehn, Jordan


Kochhar, Rashmi


Krizek, Cameron

Industrial Tech

Bradford, Daniel


Madrigal, Mark


Olson, Chita


Sleep, Cynthia


Luukkonen, Phil


Clubs And Activities

Clubs and Activities

Canyon View is dedicated to allowing students to participate in the crucial activities that help students explore who they are and get started in the right direction. Canyon View offers its students clubs, end of year class trips, and social events. Canyon View ensures that students are able to live the entire high school experience in a small school setting. The student council helps to plan, promote, and execute events such as spirit week, homecoming, prom, fashion showcase, and fall chili cook off.

A fall schedule of clubs and sports will be posted following the start of the new school year. After school clubs run from 2:40-3:30. If a teacher is not sponsoring a club then they are available for tutoring.

Examples of clubs and activities:

  • Fencing
  • Archery
  • Yearbook
  • Art Club
  • Journalism
  • Creative Writing
  • National Honors Society
  • Chess Club
  • Student Council

Parking Passes

All students that drive to school are required to obtain a parking pass. 2016-2017 parking passes can be purchased through our office. Students are required to purchase a pass by the end of the second week of school.
Cost of Pass $25 per semester or $25 for year